This bike was taken to the frame and soda blasted then coated with a ceramic based frame paint, the engine after passing its compression and leak down testing with flying colors was stripped of all aluminum covers, while they were at the polishers the engine was soda blasted to leave an aged but clean look. Not one original wire was used.

A complete in house custom harness with the original color codes and modern, fuses, relays, and flashers, was made using Wurth wire and the same loom currently used by HD Motorcycles. This is clean and simple to use.noid-brown_xs650_010

The original battery box, rectifier, and starting solenoid had been changed out for off the shelf Used units that had what appears to be more life.

A electronic Ignition (Pamco) and single fire dual mount performance coil lead to custom accell superstock wires with recomened NGK hard boots for the plugs, of course the plugs are NGK as they are the best for this bike.

The tank with no dents or major dings was stripped and had metal body filler only in the area the badges had been mounted before…  a skim coat was then applied and sanded to a perfect shape.

One coat sealer two coats of dupont cream had been applied, following a tape job by DEFOE three coats of whole earth brown metal flake where layed down.

Two coats of clear then a pinstripe in black around the edges and a light dusting of black on the center of the tank (when the sun hits it you can see a goast stripe VERY COOL)… then four more coats until the tank could be perfectly smooth…….  the rear fender was cleaned but still shows its a 77… the inside area under the seat was sanded and covered with a sealer to prevent some light rust getting bigger…..


The wheels where rebuilt with STAINLESS custom spokes by Buchanan rim and spoke… cleaned, rebuilt, and painted hubs….. the black anodized rims are awesome and a half inch wider front and rear than stock…..  The Tires are filled with Michelin tubes….  and the Shinko rubber is very impressive….  If your are not familiar with shinko ( made in S. Korea NOT china) check them out…  they are building a great tire at a excellent price…makes cheng shing look and handle real junk.

Brand new Mikunis, tc bros rear sets, throttle cable, speedo cable, tach cable, custom speedo and tach mount, euro headlight with h4 super bright bulb, custom exhaust…. brand new controls from mikes xs…..No Loaded Gun Bike would be complete without renthal suberbike grips in the medium compound…..   I tried to touch on the main things but can truly not list everything done to this bike….

Submitted by @buell_freak