Hey There ! Bumped into this site while searching the net for new inspiration, great site !

I`m a dutch-based free-lanced photographer and a sucker for anything on wheels, stopped working my motorcycle mechanic job some time ago. The “bobber”and old skoolt rend that was upcoming a couple of years ago woke up the motorcycle-virus again.

My budget was low so i ended up buying a frame and title, some hubs, an engine and front end.Hard-tailed the rear end myself, bought some tubing and followed the upper frame tube, ended up adding about 4 inches to the wheelbase, made sure to get a sturdy connection of the hard-tail section on the original frame by using hollow slugs, fitting them inside the old and new tubing, after all, i made this bike to ride it, not to show off.

Having seen what can go wrong with homebrew frames i wanted something safe and something that lasts, something that be can be taken out on those dirty back-roads, something that will handle and corner instead of cruising up and down the straight boulevards.


I used the triple trees of a XS750 which are fitted with thicker fork-legs, those legs are easier to shorten cause they use the inner stop without tread, besides that i liked the thicker fork-legs.

Also worked on the dampers/plungers internally, wanted a smooth ride with my shortened forks.

Shaved everything off the fork that i didn`t need, welded a tab for the drumbrake so i could use the 2 leading shoe drum which looks better, stops okay.


Getting the stuff together, the rims, hubs and forks got me working on the ride height, before constructing the frame, mocked everything up and worked from that base. My goal was to have a bike that handles okay, the work on the rolling chassis payed off, the bike corners, is very stable, i can run down the freeway without having to fear for my life.


The engine is pretty much stock, modified the ignition, runs on 1 coil, modified the charging system by getting rid of the stock alternator, ritually burning it, throwing it around the shop and using it as an anchor for my boat.

I got me a powerhouse charging system, bolts right in, works. The system is capable of running without a battery, i added a small one just to be on the safe side, good choice cause the bike starts easy, enough sparkly power to fire it up with a kick or two.

Used 2 Mikuni VM34`s, to get rid of those stock mushroom fuel/air mixers, these carbs just work, bike has got some good power, picks up nice. Mounted a externally mounted oilfilter, using this increases oil capacity, looks better too, filling the gap under the seat, still having doubts about the stock paper oil filter….

Cut up an old fire extinguisher, made a brass screw in cap for that, use it to hide the switches for lights and ignition in it, still have room for some small items (toothbrush, pain killers, hammer, screwdriver, written directions to where my hown is).

Bought some stainless steel tubing to construct an exhaust, really wanted to run the headers inside the frame instead of wrapping them around it, just for better looks, polished them, they work.

Its loud, i don`t use any mufflers, like that.

Shifting by hand took some time to get used to…


I build this thing in my buddy`s paint shop, doing some photographic work for him got me some credits, he applied the House of Kolor paint on the frame, fender and tank, after that the whole bike moved to my friend, ElCheapo, to give him free hand on lettering, gold leafing and pin-striping.

I didn`t follow any trend or style, building it to my own ideas, i don`t think it`s oldskool or a bobber for that matter, wanted something that looked good , to what i like and was possible without encountering a s#@tload of problems, most of all i build it for what motorcycles are for, riding.

Currently in the process of my next build, this one`s gotta go, making rooms for new ideas.

Feel free to browse trough my website and blog, some work about the other stuff I like.
Drop me a line if you have any questions !

Limpe Iven

This bikes is for sale. You can probably pick it up if you act quick!