-01 2015

I started looking for a project bike when it began getting somewhat warm here in Wisconsin (above 40 F).  I had an image in mind of what I was going for but I’m sure all of you know, a project is never as easy as it seems.  So many setbacks such as breaking my collarbone at the beginning of summer, wrong parts, ordering every jet combination to see what works, three exhaust options cause I can’t stand really loud exhaust, to breaking the Pamco Ignition right off the bat and wondering if it’s even worth it.  Now I am finally 100% done (for now) and it was defiantly worth it.  1981 XS650 Kick Only.
-03 2015
-Drag handlebars
-Adjustable clutch and brake levers
-Sportster gas tank.
-Pamco Ignition.
-Brass kick start.
-Forward controls modified to fit around 2 into 1 exhaust.
-Titanium exhaust wrap.
-Tail light/license plate.
-Air pods for carbs and breather.
-Skateboard wheel chain tensioner.
-Sand blasted and rattle canned everything for a quick and cheap job.
-Extra help from one of my best friends Red and girlfriend.

-02 2015 -04 2015

Might eventually put a rear disc brake.