To work as a motorcycle mechanic you must have several skills that support your work and salary, such as manual skills, ability to work in a group, organization, flexibility, predisposition for constant learning and the ability to work under pressure. If you have these qualities, what you earn as a mechanic can be increased. Here’s what you need to know about how much motorcycle mechanics make.

How much money does a motorcycle mechanic make?

The average salary of a motorcycle mechanic is roughly around $37,600 per year even though this figure is dependent on various components such as the size of the company where you work, the functionalities you perform and especially your training or experience in the area.

The initial degree of motorcycle mechanics are those who have just finished their studies for certification and do not yet have years of union experience. The average pay rate starts at $ 11.78 per hour or $ 24,490 per year. The next grade is the Junior Motorcycle Mechanic. The average score is $ 14.40 per hour or $ 29,950 per year. The mid-grade mechanic primarily earns $ 18.08 per hour or $ 37,600 per year, and the senior motorcycle mechanics roughly earn $ 23.33 per hour or $ 48,530 per year with the preeminent end of the range a little well over $ 60k.

What qualifications do I need to be a motorcycle mechanic?

A motorcycle mechanic will be responsible for the composure of the motorcycle, throughout his group. So be it for an engine failure, repairs due to misfortune, replacement of parts … This implies that the professional in question will have to know everything about the whole world of motorcycles, and from there be able to evaluate, diagnose and compose from the best way to transport damaged.

The most recurrent thing is that a motorcycle mechanic works with urban vehicles, however there are different branches of work for this professional, such as fixing motocross vehicles and other types of motorcycles and mopeds. In addition, a professional in the sector will also be able to enter jobs in the industrial assembly of motorcycles, and will even be able to specialize in the framework of vehicle customization, something increasingly in vogue in our region.

To become a motorcycle mechanic in workshops or dealerships, you will not only need specific studies, you must also have a sequence of expert capacities and manual skills that will facilitate your work.

It may be that in the past several mechanics accessed the sector directly based on learning in workshops, acquiring experience, however today with total stability it will be necessary that you have regulated studies in automotive or motorcycle mechanics in particular. It is difficult to be hired in a workshop if you do not have an accreditation of studies that endorses your knowledge. However, something else you should consider is that motorcycle experts do a fairly traditional, mechanical and methodical work, sometimes cyclical, which requires a certain commitment and neatness in handling the activity.

Is a motorcycle mechanic a good career?

As we have said previously, it is not necessary to have a university degree in motorcycle mechanics to work as a motorcycle mechanic, although if you want to be a true professional in the sector and have many professional opportunities, it is convenient to take a degree. Like any university career, it will not be an easy task, and it will be the most difficult way to become a motorcycle mechanic, but that will end up having its rewards.

In the race you can specialize in everything that has to do with motorcycles and mechanics, from engine components to the most frequent problems of a motorcycle.

Of course, to succeed in the sector and be hired by major brands, in most cases a degree that demonstrates your knowledge will be necessary.

How are the motorcycle mechanics courses? They’re worth it?

The first and most relevant thing is to choose a suitable specific course that enables you to be a technician in the field.

With a course in motorcycle mechanics you will acquire a deep understanding of the structure and performance of various types of engines and their maintenance, braking, cooling and lubrication systems, as well as machining techniques and metrology, with particular attention to the Otto period and diesel period engines.

The purpose of a motorcycle mechanic course is for you to become a professional with full competence in the maintenance, check-up and repair of the mechanical systems of the car. This course serves to develop specialists in carburetion, cooling, lubrication, clutch systems and in any aspect influencing the composition, performance and rebuilding of the engine.

In the syllabus of a motorcycle mechanic course you will see a sequence of theoretical contents involved with the maintenance of the engine and its auxiliary systems such as machining techniques and metrology, maintenance of 2 and 4-stroke heat engines, cooling and lubrication systems of heat engines.

You will also see prevention of occupational and environmental risks in vehicle maintenance as well as maintenance of auxiliary systems of the Otto period and diesel engine.

Can mechanics make 6 figures?

In general, it will be difficult to make 6 figures a year, since most motorcycle mechanics jobs are in small establishments where it will be very difficult to make this amount of money.

In some cases it is possible, but you will need to be an expert on the subject and work in a good position for a large company. Of course you are not going to be changing the oil of a motorcycle, it would already be jobs such as creating parts, mechanic in a professional motorcycle competition, or some others that of course you will have to be very good to get there.

Therefore, the best way to win 6 figures is to start having a good degree that accredits you as an expert on the subject, find a good company with a lot of potential, and finally give the best of yourself in that company. Of course, in the first year you are not going to start charging 6 figures, but if little by little you are ascending and you are the best at your job, little by little you will be able to achieve it.

Is there a demand for motorcycle mechanics?

In general, motorcycle mechanics is not a very common job and therefore there are not many educated people to do this job. It is also true that in the common workshops of any town, they do not usually have many workers, and most of the time the workers have been there for many years and you have to be lucky to find work in such a place.

But if what you are looking for is to enter a professional workshop, I have to tell you that there is a great demand, since as I said before, there are not many people who today choose to study a professional career in motorcycle mechanics, and therefore, recent graduates with good grades tend to find work very quickly.

You have to bear in mind that motorcycles are being innovated every day, and they are something that also usually breaks down normally, therefore being a motorcycle mechanic will be something in which there will always be work.

What are the benefits of being a motorcycle mechanic?

Being a motorcycle mechanic is a very specific job, and to get into work you have to like it, and if you like your job of course it represents a great advantage since you will do the most motivated work and the hours will fly by.

It is a job in most cases very manual in which you will have to spend all day assembling and disassembling, therefore you will always have things to do and you will be very entertained doing what you like.

Another great advantage is that it is not a job in which you are facing the public, and although sometimes you will have to put up with someone who thinks he is an expert on the subject and is ready, most of the time you can be calm without having to deal with nobody.

What is the salary of a yamaha motorcycle mechanic?

Yamaha has become one of the best and most common brands for motorcycles, and that is why it is a great reference in this sector.

The salary of a worker at Yamaha varies widely, as there are many different jobs, but the most common position, which would be a Yamaha motorcycle technician, earns about $ 40,000 annually, or $ 19 per hour, which is a 29% higher than the national average for all motorcycle technicians at $ 30,000 a year and 49% lower than the national average salary for all working Americans.