In less than a year I went from not even a bike license, to deep into my first build! For the record, I prefer the term YouTube certified! (Haha). I’ll save that, what I have planned for the updates!

I removed the starter, (KICK ONLY!) and threw in a block off kit. I’m the 3rd owner of my 1978 xs650 special. As soon as I got the bike, I stripped it down started cutting! I had a visual impact brat kit welded on.

I chose this over the monster craftsmen, as I preferred the lines and options from the visual impact and feel they give me more options for my what I have planned for my rear end. I have deep wassell tank.

Ya it’s small tank, but for long rides I’ll just carry a small jerrry can on the sissy bar. Along with the tank, I bought Hughes hand built top engine mount to accommodate for the narrow tank well.

TC Bros mini 8″apes. I found a cool head light on Kijiji for cheap! Put the hi/off/low switch on the light bucket. Found a compatible front spoked wheel on kijiji for 50.00 (Canadian), honestly I’m shocked I was able to find one local!

I love the mags, but for this bike it’s spokes! Welded the front signal mounts to down tubes. The Japanese chopper scene has me in love with the tucked away signals (provincial law states I require signals for my year.) TC Bros forward controls.

I decided to make my own electrical box. I couldn’t find anything I liked, and it’s a tricky fit. It’s not done yet, but enough for me to decide on mounting, and what I want in it.

So far, I have the key in.

I found the stock shocks to long (12.5″) for the kick stand and center stand, so I got some smaller ones (11″)

Submitted by Chris Golding