The pocket chop-10 2014

Mr Greazz – Hi guy, greetings from France. First thing sorry for my bad english! I built my first xs last year, maybe you remember it? The Little twin – That I posted here.. So this is my second XS650, I picked it up over a year ago in very bad condition. With basically Only the engine salvageable! I had to build everything – all you can see in the picture sissybar, handlebar, frame, electrical tank, exhaust…., it’s easy for me. I’m a welder and have a garage full of tools!

The pocket chop-4 2014 The pocket chop-2 2014 The pocket chop-1 2014

The front and the rear wheels came off of a old 350 CB Honda I found on the french “craig list” for a very cheap price. The fork is an aftermarket WL replica (the biggest part of the budget).

I picked up the tank on the web, and the rear fender and the taillight come from an old BSA.

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I paint it myself (a first time) but the paint didn’t work out so well… 😮

So I give the job to one of my friend and it’s much better! I think that’s all that i can tell you about it….or just one last thing, I dig it so much and it’s a great pleasure to ride it with friends!

The pocket chop-11 2014

I just started another XS650 and well post pics here next year !!

Yes, I am becoming a XS addict !

The pocket chop-3 2014

I work on many bike for friends and you can see that on my blog.
Mr Greazz