Greazz – First thing i’m French so sorry for my bad english.  I buy this XS stock about one year ago with the engine rebuilt. All the parts atr home made by me, the frame, the tank, the oil tank (for electrical ), the rear fender with the seat, the handle bar, the fork cover, and many many other thing!

I had to paint the frame black and all the rest stay like it is. The fork come from a Sportster HD, the front drum from a old Honda 350 CB, I put an electronic ignition that realy better for kick start !

What else ?….nothing ! or just only one thing, 4 pics are not enought for you to see all little things – but i hope you like it as much i like to ride it !! Mr Greazz.

xs650 tanktop
xs650 long sleeve
xs650 Bandana
xs650 mug