Write about your XS650.: Shes an 81 650 special, scored it for 500 bucks, it had been outside for who knows how long uncovered and weathered. I had been lookin to build a jap chop for a while but as we all know lack of tools and or fabrication experience makes it really hard. First i stripped it down and yanked the motor out. I wanted to get the motor done first, so i went threw the whole motor replaced the complete top end, new pistons and all that. I had to get a new head cover due to broken oil line bolts, that put a big dent in the pocket 7bucks, thanks ebay.




Threw her back together and sprayed the motor down with high temp undercoating, i took my grinder and hit the motor fins for alittle effect  I’m really happy with the out come hope it runs haha. Now the frame, I cut the neck gusset out, rear frame section out, top rails and all the other heavy useless metal on this frame out too. I wanted to set my frame up so i could keep a low stance and still have a little suspension, so I shortened the rear frame and top rails added 15 deg on the top rails and welded it. Added a new gusset and some shock mounts then got her ready for powder coating. Forks are lowered 4 inches, got a sweet springer seat with a junkyard bought fender and a real wassel tank. Heres the pics at the moment, waiting for,paint, wheels and final odds and ends i will post more later enjoy… P.S. I wrote this really late so laugh at my post.