Mike from Visual Impact – Heres some of the info on the new bike. It is by far the funnest bike I have ridden in a while. I think a lot of that has to do with the Zombie performance bars Im running. It has 12 inch progressive shocks, a ballistic battery for when you feel to lazy to kick it, shinko rear tire, avon front, all the bearings and little bits were replaced with new and most of the hardware was powdercoated.

Chrome kick pedal, stock exhaust that I modified with car exhaust tips. I did the frame and motor in a matt black and rubbed the fins out to give it a little bit of detail. I polished everything I could and shaved and lowered the front forks.

The paint is silver basecoat with silver flake and topped with pagan gold and some airbrush work. I did a little pinstripe work on the top of the tank just to set it off a bit. Im running seven sins grips, my own PIPE BOMB ignition pod and JSC pegs that Im now offering in my online store as well as the seat and seat adjuster.

Just a quick bit of info as well, going back a year or so Ted and I talked about offering my “ORIGINAL BRAT KIT” in a PRE WELDED version. We have been selling these for about 7 or 8  months now. We never advertised them but they have been a pretty popular option and guys that dont have the time to build it themselves have been loving the simple installation.

It is literally a few cuts and a few welds and you are off and riding. The great thing about my prewelded kit is you can adjust the seat height about 4 inches or so and decide where you want it to sit and you can also remove or leave on the dreaded overlap piece on the backbone where everyone digs into it and messes their frame up.

The rails are coped in the front for a nice fit and you decide where to cut the lower rails to get the seat height you are after. Of course we are still selling the “ORIGINAL BRAT KIT”  we have always sold at the same price we rolled it out at over 2 years ago.

The feedback and support has been great on both. I have a lot of plans to offer many more products for the home builder in the not so distant future and I have already added a few of these American made items to my store page.  Come and check out the new look and store. As always if anyone needs any help or has questions you know where to find me.

Photograpy by Morgan Phillips of Yep Graphics

Thanks for checking out my latest build. It is for sale.