Archie- Hi, been a while since I’ve been on here. Some may remember I was throwing all my toys out the pram in the last update and lost motivation for the bike. Got the motivation back and thus happened! Still not running right – needs the jetting sorting and a hi flow fuel tap on as you can crank it right open and she screams off, but then uses all the fuel before it’s got anymore. Low down cruising speed it’s stuttering quite a bit so needs bigger jets on for a smooth power delivery.

Ride wise – it’s awesome! There were concerns that it would catch the frame on bends – sometimes it does, but the majority of riding it’s absoloutely fine. Vibrates through the bars pretty badly too – trying to write this with what feels like a case of white knuckle. but hopefully sorting the jetting out should cure that.

Plan is to get it running right for the summer here in the UK, hit some more shows on it, then pull it apart and get it painted and the frame sorted.

Quick plans will be relocating the fuel tap and sorting out the battery box with another mount as it’s swinging pretty freely.

Pretty chuffed with it for now!