Aaron V. sent us awesome photos of his 1974 TX 650 hardtail chopper, capturing the bike from different angles and even in action. Aaron’s journey with this bike is filled with fun anecdotes and clever modifications. Let’s dive into the story behind Aaron’s ’74 TX 650.


Aaron picked up this 1974 TX 650 off eBay last spring. When he first got it, the bike was yellow with ape hangers, a big sissy bar, and a white seat. “Everyone jokingly called it the banana,” Aaron recalls. But he had a vision for this bike and set out to transform it into something truly unique.


One of the standout features of Aaron’s chopper is the custom brown leather seat that reads “Slayer” and has a cool design on it. Aaron got the seat from Dream Evil Designs on eBay for $150, which was a steal considering their work is “world-renowned and usually very expensive… $400+, and worth every penny.” The hand-tooled leather adds a touch of craftsmanship and personal flair to the bike.

Aaron gave the bike a fresh look with a $15 paint job, which he proudly notes “looks good, right!” The head and tail lights were also eBay finds, contributing to his budget-friendly build. All in all, Aaron has about $2,500 invested in the bike, but you wouldn’t guess it from the attention it gets. “Everywhere I go, it gets ALL the attention,” he says. Even the Harley guys at bike runs and bars are fans of his chopper.

Despite owning several bikes, including Harleys, Aaron finds this TX 650 to be his favorite. “Truth is, of all the bikes I’ve owned, including Harleys, this one I like the most. I think because it’s 5 years older than me, and it’s still kickin’ and no one else has one like it… except for you guys.” Aaron appreciates the unique charm and resilience of his chopper, and he’s proud to be part of a community that shares his passion.

Aaron’s ’74 TX 650 is a perfect fit for our site, showcasing creativity, resourcefulness, and a love for classic bikes. Thanks for sharing your incredible build with us, Aaron! Your chopper is a true standout and an inspiration to us all.