Well I’m at it again I built this quick little cruiser to get me by until I build the xs650 I really want which I already have the bike and had this one sitting there so I said well to keep me from rushing my bike I’ll build one to cruise for now. I’m happy how she turned out I did it cheap so nothing to fancy. I got the bike from a guy down the street who didn’t know what he had after swapping out tanks and wheels and riding it stock for a bit I decided to cut it. I ran the original front fender but I lowered it then used a front fender for the rear.


I went with the 19” front and 18” rear. I wanted a skinny look to the bike and I know the color scheme isn’t your normal black thats why I did it but it’s taking me some time to get used to lol. I ran a regular peanut tank it was cheap and readily available so I went with it.



I have built a 650 before and I did an xs400 before this gonna do a kz440 then build my xs650 that I plan to keep. I got big plans for mine powder coat chrome the work. The bars on this are stock buck-horn bars that I forced into submission to look like baby apes and I like how they turned out.

Well I hope you guys enjoy it.