I asked the bikini co-ed if she wanted to pose for the pics…she declined.

Instant cool, just add water…or…. riding down the road with a woody so big, people think you have a jockey shift. This was my first full chop and I wanted predictable results. I wasn’t concerned with how many Harley tanks have been seen on these pages since the Crow is the only one like it for fifty miles. Now don’t misunderstand as some of the “outside the box”  projects turn into Picasso’s but hey sometimes they turn into “WTF’S”.

That being said, a TC Bros frame and the Sporty tank was the way to go for me. As for some of the other nuts and bolts…

The front rim is an excel 2.1-19 w/ a 110-90-19 tire.That seemed as wide as I could go w/ stock trees. The forks were shaved and the back rim is from a Honda 350 laced  up to the stock hub. Thank the Fongs for that little  adventure, although I’m happy with the results. ( I talked myself into that one after reading their stuff)


The seat is a larosa 13″ wide arse hugger and very comfortable. The risers, taillight , turns and other assorted bolt-ons were from e-bay and Mikes.

I did fab the forward controls, elec box, sissy bar , bat box and a handful of other brackets and stuff just to put my own signature on this project.
I’ve now got 2k on the speedo with no major problems  and she runs great but I will say, be careful using butt connectors on the wiring as i was left stranded due to a loose connection.

So there you have it. And for the record, I asked the bikini co-ed if she wanted to pose for the pics…she declined. Doesn’t matter, I’m still smiling.



xs650 Bandana
xs650 long sleeve
xs650 mug
xs650 tanktop