We’ve got an exciting build to share with you today from one of our community members, Mitch Burkert. Mitch Burkert has sent us four fantastic photos of his Yamaha TX650, showcasing it from every angle. This high-performance machine is a testament to Mitch’s dedication and craftsmanship. Let’s dive into the specs and see what makes this TX650 so special.


Mitch’s TX650 is a true custom job, starting with the suspension, which he swapped out for parts from an early ’90s Suzuki Katana. This upgrade promises improved handling and a smoother ride, perfect for the powerful engine setup he’s working with. The subframe and seat cowl are all hand-made, adding a unique, personal touch to the bike’s overall aesthetic.


Under the hood, Mitch has gone all out with a 750 big bore kit and a Megacycle “torque monster” cam. To handle the increased power, he’s installed stiffer valve springs, titanium keepers, and backers. The head is ported for better airflow, and the exhaust system features pipes that are a copy of a shell header, with a custom cone-megaphone inside an R-1 can sheath. This setup not only looks aggressive but also promises an impressive performance boost.


The carbs are 38mm Mikuni slides, ensuring that the engine gets plenty of fuel. And if that wasn’t enough, Mitch has added a 50hp shot of nitrous oxide for those moments when he really wants to feel the power. This TX650 is built to be a beast on the road.


Mitch has been meticulous with every detail. He sent the crank out to CrankWorks to get balanced, ensuring smoothness and reliability at high RPMs. He’s also fabricated a hydraulic clutch and installed a set of Barnett clutch fibers to solve a slipping problem he encountered. Mitch is clearly putting in the work to make sure every aspect of this build is top-notch.

We can’t wait to see Mitch’s TX650 out on the road, tearing it up with all these custom touches and performance upgrades. It’s sure to be a head-turner and a thrill to ride. Thanks for sharing your build with us, Mitch, and keep us posted on your adventures with this beast. We’re all eagerly awaiting your next update!