I present one of my projects from a few years ago, ten year approximately . It happened when on a trip in motorcycle to 700 kms of distance from my city, one trip more, accompanying a my friends to a used motorcycle sale. I saw the rusty engine of an old XS.

I asked about its price and although it seemed expensive I decided to return for it a weeks later. I bought it at a high cost for the time but seeing that it only had 300kms on the odometer, so assumed the engine would be in good condition, indeed but apparently, it was at least 20 years thrown away as scrap metal, first I decided to revive the engine.

I just had to change clutch rings and discs. It really took me over two years to get this project up and running. As in other countries, in Venezuela it is difficult to locate spare parts for this type of motorcycles, my opinion is that of many, the Yamaha XS 650 They are motorcycles built for a lifetime, their engine is indestructible, durable and with the necessary torque to make the bike you want, it is a versatile design, only improved performance when customizing and improving engine performance with some components and tricks, parallel to documentation and we decided to build the chassis with a rear design similar to that of a Honda Shadow 600 with a single shock absorber and softail style.

The preparation of the chassis for later painting took several weeks, As did the choice of various components such as exhausts, seat design between others, both the tees and the handlebars are also handmade, the front suspension is from Kawasaki Vulcan,both rear wheels of Kawasaki vulcan, streched gas tank 5 gallons for V-Twin and many handmade pieces.

The forward controls for the gear lever and rear brake are also handmade, The rear mud guard was taken from an old 3-wheel Harley motorcycle, each elements was custom made, the idea was to give it that custom bobber style that I wanted so much to wake up in Many friends with similar motorcycles who were limited by lack of budget or imagination with their old Japanese motorcycles, today the custom culture in my country is decimated for political and economic reasons but many of us are artisans and custom culture, not it’s my only project, it wasn’t my only motorcycle 100% homemade.

How all of us in this web page, and many others can spend hours and hours talking about our motorcycles, proud of what we do and passionate about riding our steel beasts, without a doubt it is a lifestyle that many do not understand and that others want to be part of. , soon I will be encouraged to upload another of my projects with another Yamaha XS650 from the year 1973 from a good friend, We have some enthusiasts of these machines in Mérida-Venezuela as well as in other cities of my country, thanks for posting

Submitted by EDRA