120 beers!…………………yup this  one came together a little faster than the last build.

They say dogs sometimes have a way of resembling their masters or vise of versa. I think the same goes for custom built scooters. Sometimes  you can look at a bike and almost get a mental picture of what the owner is going to look like. So since the owner of this bike wasn’t around for pics I’ll tell you a little story about  him and let you guys tell me if the bike fits. So it’s 4th of July at MigBaron Kustoms (aka two car overstuffed garage) and it’s a block party all the neighbors have their BBQ’s out in the front yard and are cooking their best stuff.


Friends and relatives are over so the street is filled with kids. We decide to bring out these “Big Wheel  Chopper Trikes” we build for fun(5.5 hp go kart trikes…55 mph plus on three wheels, 2 inches off the ground, good times!) and  give the kids rides up and down the street. Time flys like it tends too when your having a good  time-(or drunk) and before you know it ….it’s five o’clock in the morning, all but the very drunk and very bored are left in the street. So we talk Jared (the owner of this bike) who is standing there holding a beer, …………sporting a handle bar moustache, board shorts, a Hawaiian shirt, and Harley biker boots, to jump on one of the trike’s ……………which he does no question asked, full throttle into the early morning darkness!


Then quickly flips it over about a hundred  yards down the street (physics and gravity will allays win). So picture three dudes (Rob, Jared and myself) drunk, laughing our asses off at five o’ clock  in the morning on my front porch trying to put hydrogen peroxide on his scraped up ass, through a soft ball size hole in he’s shorts , while he keeps yelling “That’s bullshit! I’m a biker now!!!”. Ah good times!!!………..You can still see the 20 scar on my street and several more all over he’s body………….. That’s the kind of guy you would picture getting off this bike wouldn’t you?


Hence the Jesus taillight! Some guys need all the protection they can get!!!!!
This here build like, the last was also an Owner/Builder collaboration. Some of the things you may not be able to see in the pics, are a (Mikes XS 750 big bore kit), (Green Monster” Pamco High Output Electronic Ignition Kit), and a set of (Dellorto 36” mm pumper Carbs).


We are also dialing in some finishing touches like cutting the front end and possibly some color on the tank?
Like always, Keep building and posting those bad ass bikes guys, and Stay tuned for more bikes from MigBaron Kustoms your friendly neighborhood chop shop………………………….. hope you guys like them.


Miguel Garcia