This bike is my first real bike before this i road around a 73 z90 amf harley. i bought this bike for 300 bucks at a yard sale about a year and a half ago off of a old hippie guy who said that he road the bike from Maine to Massachusetts about 6 month ago… i am the 3rd owner of the bike….


coincidentally i ran into the first owner of the bike at a hardware store and told me a brief history of it, he said he used to ride it to Canada and all over the east coast and put about 50000 miles on it. Before that i never new how many miles could possibly on it because there was never a speed/odo… i drove this bike for a season unregistered and with my brothers plate on it. never got pulled over…

the next season i got it registered and the day after i did i got a 260 dollar speeding ticket… ridiculous…. i put a new starter gear in the bike but screwed up installing it and put it in backwards and was stumped for a few days as to why it wasn’t working, finally i asked a friend to help out and voila he flipped it around and it worked.

the day after this happened i take it out for a spin and some idiot pulls out half way into the street and i skidded out and ran straight into his car and flew over the hood of the car and walked away with only a set of bruised balls and a twisted ankle… needless to say i have shit luck and hopefully before next season i will have a new front end and a hard tail on her.

Jared Vasconcellos