Ok so here is my 1982 650 Heritage Special... Took longer than expected but from what I see that is not unusual. I bought it off an 80 year old gentleman whom found this bike in a barn about 10 years ago. Bike only had 3400 original miles on it when I got it… Needless to say the bikes engine is in Great condition but as time does take its toll things need to be changed, cleaned etc etc. When I got the bike it was a stock Black and had saddle bags .. I didnt take any pics of when I started picking it apart but you will get the idea.

I have a love for the old and I had an Idea, just not much knowledge of how I was going to get there. Little by little I got the parts I had in mind together off eBay (Headlight, Front & Rear Fenders, Tank etc.) and bought the ones readily available on Mikes. And so I started wrenching away in my shed.

I took the newly purchased wheels, spokes and bike to a buddy of mine David Maya whom also helped out with the triple tree, wiring and carbs.

Another buddy and I then made the seat pan out of fiberglass had a family member help out on the seat stitching and leather wrapping. I did buy the supposed Keihin carb kit and shocks from Mikes which was a mistake. I still have the carbs on but I did change to progressive suspension.

xs650 vid
Much thanks to my bro and friends.