Jon – This was a shop project here at Hotshoe Cycle Works. Its a ’75 XS650B, last registered in 1981, it had been locked up in the back shed and repeatedly raped for parts over the last 30+ years, -No more though, the bike got a new dress and a second chance…..

I designed and built this bike with two of my friends and partners at Hotshoe Cycle Works. Both of whom are top notch mechanics. One being the ‘King of Hialeah Speedway’, Gary McGoron and long time motorcycle specialist and electrical master, Chuck Eggleston. We pulled the bike out of a trailer behind the shop. As I said it had been sitting back there for over 30 years.

The Motor was swapped out for an 81 we had in the shop. We chopped the frame and welded on the rear section from TC Bros. The funky intake manifold and pipes were built by Joe Wiseguy. We used a 21″ rim and brake hub from a mid 70s H2 (we think) and the rear is also a Kawasaki hub laced to a 16″ Harley Rim, both with custom axles.

Trimmed trailer fender with our very own bracket at the rear and a good ole fashion fork brace up front. The Wassel tank, Bates seat and Headlight we got off ebay with a few other things. The forward controls and linkages were all made by us, as were the various mounts on the frame, brake stays front and rear, tag mount…

The Magneto is from an old dirt bike, new electronic ignition and new reg/rec. Other than that the motor is stock. This bike was built over a few months on Fridays and Saturdays only, Summer and Fall of 2011. Its a  PERFECT BAR HOPPER and an overall fun bike, -We even got a trophy a couple weeks ago at the Dania Beach Antique Motorcycle show, definately gets a lot of looks! More detailed pics on our website, , lots of inspiration came from this one. Thanks!