Well, I lied!  I originally said that I was going to hard-tail this bike that I recently picked up, but now I am not.  I have officially become obsessed with the bratstyle movement.  I spend hours (at work haha) looking at  I really want to hardtail a bike with spoked wheels and being that this one has the mags and the rear disc set up, I figured I would go with a style similar to Joel Mekolite’s bratty and Kevin’s Leadfist Baloney Sandwich.


I really like what they have done with the drop seats.  It really pulls the theme together with the mags, shocks and seat area.  I have the bike to the point where I am ready to start cutting and fabbing up the seat area with thanks to my handy welder buddy Ray and his metal shop.  The tank is yet to be mounted either.  Bars are 12″ mini apes from TC Bros, bates headlight from them as well.


Model A taillight from Justified Defiance.  Honda Rebel shocks and a handful of misc. engine and carb parts from MikesXS and 650Central.  This bike is seemingly going A LOT faster than my other one.



I should be able to get most of the PA riding season out of it this year.  Well, that is all for now, just wanted to put up a couple current-status pics.  Should have it done in the next 2 months or so.  -Brad