Update on budget build..


Just wanted to send in some pics of some updates I’ve done over the summer. First and foremost, I re-did the seat. I added a few more layers of carpet padding. This stuff rocks, super low-profile and very dense and the price is right (I got scraps from a local carpet shop for free). On the back of the seat I added an authentic set of pilot wings that a buddy of mine’s dad gave me since I always tell him that I am ‘flying by the seat of my pants’ in this game of life.



I also put a new set of Perelli tires on that really like the curves. Put a bar end mirror on for viewing pleasure and tinted the headlight yellow. I also added the ever-popular holes in the side cover which is a really cool look in my eyes. Most recently, I got the bug for something different so I went ball deep in fabbing up a foot clutch set up.



I used aluminum plate to make a foot pedal, welded up a cable stop and used a vintage brass and glass door know for the s hift knob. Whole set up only cost a couple of bucks in hardware bolts and is a blast to ride. I love getting looks of “WTF is he doing…” when blasting past motorist. Keeping an eye out for another one for this winters project. Happy wrenching and riding. Keep up the good work on the site and bikes, I know it get me through the work day. Cheers. -Bykerbrad

Bradley Bergamasco


  1. Yeah right says:

    I just fell in love with you bike bro… I’m sorry… Neither if us meant for it to happen… How could something so wrong feel so right?

  2. Billybobba says:

    Not really my style but actually what a true Bobber is, a chopped down stock bike. Enjoy and stay right way up!!

  3. Indy says:

    Love your bike. How about listing some specs? Year, handle bars, rear springs, controls, whatever. And a bit more information about your build. Thanks.

  4. Joe Michaelson says:


    I was hoping you could tell me what you did with the suspension in the backend. this bike is lovely 🙂


  5. J-C says:

    How did you fasten the seat to the frame? Nice wheels. jclevesque2001@yahoo.ca

  6. Seth says:

    Add 4 inches to the swing arm, and I think youll like the way she looks.

  7. Jeff says:

    where on earth did you get that yellow headlight?!? i want, i want!

  8. Bykerbrad says:

    Aaaaaacually, it’s a mikesxs headlight with yellow headlight tint film off of eBay. ‘Rvinyl’ I believe is the eBay store. Hope this helps brother.

  9. sean from boston says:

    this bike is actually what got me into 650’s I’ve loved it forever

  10. Quinn McLeod says:

    What is the chrome box thing attached to the swing arm on the left side if the bike?

  11. Bykerbrad says:

    Teardrop tool box.