UPDATE; Idaho Chad’s Brattrackerbobberwhatevers..
Well here’s some finished pics…finally. Check my post from a long time ago for more details. Due to my tower slangin lifestyle, working on my machines is limited to basically 1 day a week, so it took me a lot longer to get done than expected. Add in the fact that the last half of the build was done out of my storage unit, pretty much sums my time frame up..haha!
So, pickin up where I left off, I rebuilt the top end of the stock bore motor and resealed everything. Stock ignition worked for a couple minutes, then I went Pamco with it. Great upgrade, 1st kick every time, Thanks Pete! I ditched the xr50 shocks for a set of sporty shocks that I hacked up to fit my needs. The headlight is a 60’s John Deere fog light that I gutted and filled with modern lighting and the rear fender is a severely-hacked off the shelf fender.
My ol’ man sprayed the House of Kolor rattle can job for me which looks pretty damn good for spray cans, while I sprayed the frame cordova brown. The mini gel battery is tucked up under the swing arm and whats left of the wiring is tucked under the seat. All in all, I’m stoked.


I did EVERYTHING myself (except paintin the tins..thanks pop!) and kept it under $1300.00 total. This winter she’ll receive a big bore kit, hot cam and a new set of aftermarket carbs. Cant wait!

Special thanks to Lowbrow customs, Mikes XS, Ferrel (ferrels shadetree corner), wheelspinmx.com, My pop and my Brother Corey (Mean XS) and of course xs650chopper.com.

Idaho Chad’s