Never said it was a bobber, chopper, rat, brat, custom…. Just a bitching Scoot

Here is my 1978 XS650. I purchased it about two months ago after selling my Sporty.  I picked her up in her stock state of mind a little more than 80 miles away from home. For what ever reason I figured I’d be able to ride it home no problem. Well that wasn’t the case. Shortly after I made it outta town and onto the highway I couldn’t get the bike to do more than maybe 25mph. All of a sudden a hour and a bit turned into an epic 4 1/2 hour battle between me and my new scoot…. Alas new love bloomed.


I played with her to the best of my abilities. Talked to a couple other fellows whom are XS Jockeys round here (the owner of the “Dale” bike on this site being one of them) I ended up taking it to a shop to get the carbs adjusted properly.

THEN I rode it home and started to undress all the funky unneeded items… I built the seat pan outta a 2008 Challenger sheet metal, I covered that with a sweet 80’s leather jacked care of Value Village. I cut bent and welded up the gnarly window bars. I added the 10.5 inch rear shocks. I mounted a late 80’s Sporty tank. I added some wiring guts to a Model A tail light, and mounted that on the old taillight bracket. I mounted some $11.00 Hong Kong signal lights *junk*. I also began to rework the original rear fender.

Still some brackets to cut off, stuff to tweak but I’ll get to that this winter when I give the bike its color.

Thanks for looking and that for the inspiration.