And On To The Next One


Today is an excellent day in that I just picked up my second xs650.  Found it on CL a few towns over.  Checked it out yesterday and own it today.  It’s a 1980 XS650SG with the rear disc break.  Its so clean and beutiful it will almost break my heart to cut it up….almost.  My first one ( was a pretty mild chop, this one I plan to go a little farther.



The plan is still pretty basic.  Hardtail, 12 inch ape, spinger seat, etc.  I would also like to extend the opportunity so come of the parts on this bike as I will not be using a lot of it.  For example, the windshield, sissy bar, luggage rack, saddle bags, fork brace, tank, fenders, mirrors (two sets), headlight, turn signals, bars etc.  I also have a complete ’82 engine.  Please contact me at and we can figure something out.  Cheers and happy chopping, I know I am!  -Bykerbrad

Bradley T. Bergamasco


  1. mark A says:

    I hope your kidding about cutting this bike up , it is too nice as is . there are plenty of rusty junkers out there to cut up . At liest re sell the nice parts to someone that can use them to restore there stock bike .

  2. bykerbrad says:

    Its getting cut up for sure…a clean bike to start with should mean a cleaner finished product. I would love to sell the parts to anybody interested. I don’t want much for them, just want to clear out some space in the garage to work. I’m located in PA but will also ship to anywhere in the country to anybody that is interested in ANY of the parts you see on that bike. The mikesxs fork brace is almost brand new and the seat cover is new as of last summer. Again, I can be contacted at for the sale of any of the stock parts on this bike.

  3. danxs650 mass says:

    im interested in the front fender please let me know if its for sale thanks

  4. bykerbrad says:

    Dan, I’m holding onto the front fender for now, sorry.

  5. I’m with Mark, sell this one to someone who’ll appreciate it’s stocky goodness and buy 4 rusty baskets with the cash.

  6. As much as I hate the stock look of these bikes and think you should find some old dodgie desk jocky to sell it to so you can get a few as apposed to just one. CUT IT UP and hurry before the old dodgie guy see’s it and spread the part to the wind! The only happy grinder is a hot one LOL.

  7. bykerbrad says:

    @Fabbastard in Greenwood b.c. Canada-Already done my friend, here is how she sits now: And yes, I was able to part out the majority of the parts and accessories.