This bike was originally built for a customer Jason Bell, but he shortly became a good friend.
He is very happy and so are we, cant wait to take it to the Smoke-out in a couple days. This bike is number 8 from our shop, it took roughly two months to build most of which was waiting to get it back from the powder coat shop, here in Jacksonville.

We used the wassel tank because it sat so low on the frame, he was real particular about that. The head light is actually from a sixties ford fire truck (one of the spotlights). The seat was hand tooled, the taillight was a first from AHC the first horizontal tag mount.


The front rim is a 21′ off a 2000 125kx dirt bike. The batt box is a GRC part as well are the clip on bars. Did you notice the drain exhaust pipes? They sound great!

We built this bike for a little over 4 grand, and Jason has already got plans for us to build another, i cant wait.  A lot of the ideas were his, like the water hose nozzel foot pegs, the guy has some killer ideas i think im gonna add him to the pay roll, he wired the bike himself, almost invisible.
Thanks again for the site it rocks our fave for-sure you have all of our support let me know if we can help with any thing.
One more thing the biggest tool i have is a drill press from the sixties, grinder, and a lincoln mig welder.

Thanks again for such a great site