-3 2014

Jürgen from Germany – One day my 20-year old son Patrick Asks: Hey dad, if I get my motorcycle license, can I ride one of your chops? No son, if you want to ride my bikes, we first build up a bike together – that way you will learn to respect bikes! Silence… A few days later he was asking again and I gave him the same answer. OK well, we start talking about a possible bike for an affordable price. I showed him a few old pictures of my first custom an xs650 in 1978. Not bad, he says…lol. So we had the plan to choose the XS for the basic build-up of the Lil’Slut.

-1 2014 -2 2014

  • The Lil-Slut ride n handles nice due to our strong frame construction.
  • Build-up time around 320h in the last winter months.

Anyhow, last year we rode up north in Germany and bought a cheap not-running XS 447-model. Later on we recognized it was to much money we paid for it. But damn, we start first with fixing up a brand new wiring, new tires and much more. After lots of hours the bike was running an first of all we have done the German Oldtimer certification and new TÜV verification. As soon as we have done these paper war we start with the real build-up last December. We knew exactly before we cut the frame how the frame must be constructed to stay strong enough for a later stronger engine modification. The frame dimension like length, ground measurements, etc. are the same as the originals.

-4 2014 -5 2014

Why? We hoped so with the original dimensions to save the ride characteristic’s of the XS. And its unbelievable how you can ride this rigid frame its runs in curves like a sport bike…hell yeahrrr!

-6 2014 -7 2014

The original engine was opened, approved and fixed with new bearings, gasket, specially the complete top end was overhaul but still with 650 ccm. As soon my son allowed by the German regulations to run more than 48 HP we will choose 750 ccm with new Mikuni TM34 carbs.

Frame construction is by myself, welding work done by a company with a jig, all other work on the bike done by ourself.

More questions, let me know. Thanks again for your interest.

Jürgen Meinzer