Ewan McGregor isn’t just a versatile actor known for his roles from the dramatic to the galactic; he’s also a passionate motorcyclist. McGregor’s enthusiasm for motorcycles is a story worth exploring on its own. From the rugged trails of long-distance journeys to the sleek lines of classic bikes, McGregor’s love for the world on two wheels reflects a personal journey that’s both inspiring and relatable.

Here are 5 things you may not know about McGregor and his love for bikes.

1. Long-Distance Motorcycle Journeys

Ewan McGregor’s passion for motorcycles extends far beyond a casual ride; he’s become synonymous with long-distance motorcycle journeys that capture the imagination of biking enthusiasts around the world.

Long Way Round

In the early 2000s, you might have followed the thrilling series “Long Way Round” where Ewan McGregor and his friend Charley Boorman embarked on an epic motorcycle expedition. They rode from London to New York, traversing across Europe, Asia, and North America. This extraordinary journey was not just about the distance — a staggering 19,000 miles — but also about the rugged terrains and the unique cultures they experienced along the way.

Their adventure provided an in-depth look at the bond between man and machine and the relentless spirit of exploration. If you’re looking to understand the gravity of this trek, consider the documentary footage that captures the essence of their adventure.

2. Movies in which Ewan Rode A Motorcycle

Ewan McGregor’s love for motorcycles isn’t just a personal hobby, it frequently shines through in his film roles. You’ll see him riding in quite a few movies, showing off his real-life riding skills.

  • Long Way Round & Long Way Down: Although technically not fictional films, these documentary series are essential for motorcycle fans. McGregor takes on epic journeys alongside his friend Charley Boorman, riding across various continents.
  • Long Way Up: In this adventurous documentary series, you’ll watch as McGregor and Boorman traverse from the southern tip of South America to Los Angeles on electric motorcycles, highlighting his passion for riding and exploring sustainable travel methods.
  • Moulin Rouge!: McGregor’s character, Christian, briefly rides a motorcycle in this vibrant Baz Luhrmann musical. Although a small moment, it adds to his character’s bohemian image.

Aside from these well-known appearances, McGregor’s real-life affinity for motorcycles often merges with his acting career, as he seeks out roles that allow him to undertake these thrilling rides. Keep an eye out for new projects; knowing McGregor, if there’s a bike involved, he’s likely up for the ride!

3. Custom Motorcycle Builds

When you dive into Ewan McGregor’s motorcycle interests, his passion for custom bike builds is evident. One notable mention is his £23,000 electric Harley Davidson, a machine that balances modern engineering with traditional aesthetics. Custom builds give you a unique way to express personal style and McGregor certainly takes advantage of this.

Notable Custom Bikes:

  • Electric Harley Davidson: A contemporary spin on a classic brand.
  • Vintage Chopper: A bespoke creation that reflects McGregor’s appreciation for unique designs.

Building your custom motorcycle can be a hands-on way to connect even more deeply with the riding experience, just like McGregor does with each of his personal projects, from his custom-built vintage chopper to his tailored electric bikes.

4. Motorcycle Advocacy

Did you know Ewan McGregor is not just passionate about riding motorcycles, but he’s also actively involved in motorcycle advocacy? His actions have shined a favorable light on the motorcycling community, showcasing it as a responsible and passionate group.

Here are key ways McGregor has promoted motorcycle culture positively:

  1. Role Model: By simply being a public figure with a well-documented love for motorcycles, McGregor influences many to view motorcycling as a respectable hobby.

  2. Safety Promoter: Ewan often wears proper gear in his motorcycle appearances, indirectly advocating for safety on two wheels.
  3. Philanthropy: McGregor combines riding with fundraising, thus contributing to causes like UNICEF, and promoting a positive image of motorcyclists giving back to society.
  4. Environmental Awareness: You might have seen McGregor embrace the future of motorcycling by riding an electric motorcycle on his show “Long Way Up,” supporting eco-friendly trends in the industry.
  5. Educational Content: Through his adventure documentaries, McGregor educates viewers not just about motorcycles, but also about the cultures and locations he visits on his travels, promoting understanding and camaraderie within the global motorcycle community.

5. Charitable Motorcycle Rides

Ewan McGregor combines his love for motorcycles with a strong commitment to charity. Alongside his friend Charley Boorman, he’s undertaken epic motorcycle rides that are not just about adventure but also about raising awareness and funds for various causes.

The Long Way Round (2004):

  • Route: From London to New York
  • Distance: 19,000 miles
  • Charity: UNICEF, among others
  • Result: Greater awareness about children’s needs worldwide

The Long Way Down (2007):

  • Route: From John o’ Groats in Scotland to Cape Town in South Africa
  • Distance: 15,000 miles
  • Charity: Riders for Health, among others
  • Result: Support for sustainable health care delivery in Africa

In these rides, you see Ewan tackling rough terrains and engaging with local communities. The experiences are documented, bringing attention to the involved charities.

Notable Bikes Used:

  • BMW R1150GS Adventure: Used in “The Long Way Round”.
  • BMW R1200GS Adventure: Used in “The Long Way Down”.

By showcasing these charitable endeavors to millions, Ewan has inspired many. You might feel motivated to support these causes or even embark on your own journey for good. With Ewan’s upcoming series, as reported by People, his passion for motorcycling and philanthropy continues to ride hand in hand.