Ryan Reynolds is more than just a stellar actor with a quick wit; he’s also a fervent motorcycle enthusiast. This passion isn’t just a passing hobby; it’s a significant part of his life, manifesting in a collection of bikes that displays both his personal style and his appreciation for the art of motorcycle design.

Over the years, he has curated a diverse and enviable assortment of motorcycles, ranging from custom builds to classic models, each with its own story. It’s not just about the ride for him; motorcycles are a blend of mechanical mastery and a means of personal expression. Here’s a list of 5 things you may not know.

1. First Motorcycle

When you think of Ryan Reynolds, his leading roles in movies might first come to mind. But his enthusiasm for motorcycles is just as noteworthy. Your journey into Reynolds’ motorcycle world begins with his first motorcycle, which holds a special place in his heart.

The Honda CB750 was Reynolds first bike. It was a gateway to his lifelong passion. Imagine yourself learning the ropes of riding on such an iconic bike. It’s no wonder why it left a strong impression on him. You can picture the care and custom details he put into it.

Interestingly, Ryan later ordered a custom version from Raccia Motorcycles. If you could talk to Reynolds about this bike, he’d likely share how this nostalgia-fueled piece took about seven months to craft. It wasn’t just a standard bike – it was a tailored piece of art that took him back to his roots and represents the embodiment of his personal journey.

2. Custom Builds

  • Dustin Kott’s Café Racers: You might admire the café racers made by Dustin Kott for their exceptional proportions, just like Ryan Reynolds does. His collection features a custom Thruxton that embodies a classic style he adores.
  • First Triumph Bike: At the age of 15, Reynolds started riding with a Honda CB750. Since then, he’s upgraded significantly and even commissioned a custom-build Triumph motorcycle that he proudly added to his collection. Witness his journey with the Triumph.

3. Movies Ryan Reynolds Rides A Motorcycle

  • Deadpool (2016)

    You’ll catch Reynolds as the infamous merc with a mouth, zipping through traffic on a motorcycle, delivering both justice and laughs.

  • Deadpool 2 (2018)

    The sequel amps up the motorcycle action as Reynolds returns, performing thrilling chases that showcase his character’s signature irreverence and agility.

  • 6 Underground (2019)

    In this action-packed film, you can see Reynolds’ character masterfully navigating a motorcycle during intense sequences, demonstrating his riding skills on the big screen. Learn more about the motorcycles used on BikeBound.

The adrenaline doesn’t stop there; Reynolds brings a sense of authenticity to his roles, largely due to his own passion for motorcycles. Keep your eyes peeled for more two-wheeled heroics in his future projects.

4. Safety Conscious

Motorcycle safety is a serious issue which Ryan Reynolds has associated with, reminding you that even a celebrity can be overlooked if you’re not cautious enough. His involvement in motorcycle safety campaigns suggests that being visible and alert can save lives. Through his own actions and advocacy, he promotes responsible riding habits. It’s essential you wear the right gear and make sure your equipment is in perfect working order before hitting the road.

5. His Motorcycle Charity Work

Ryan Reynolds combines his passion for motorcycles with his commitment to giving back. You might find it inspiring how he leverages his hobby to support various charitable causes.

  • Auctions for Good: He’s been known to auction off custom motorcycles to raise funds for those in need. Each bike not only showcases craftsmanship but also carries the spirit of generosity.

  • Social Media Influence: Using his social media platforms, Ryan raises awareness for charitable events involving motorcycles. By doing so, he turns his love for motorcycles into a powerful tool for fundraising.
  • Riding for a Cause: Whether it’s participating in charity rides or creating events, his hands-on approach is commendable. You’ll often see him riding for a cause, encouraging others to join in.

Ryan Reynolds’ motorcycle charity work includes personal involvement and the use of his wide-reaching platforms to support and promote various charitable organizations and causes. His genuine enthusiasm not only shines a spotlight on the charities but also encourages the motorcycle community to follow in his tracks.