Cruiser motorcycles attract a unique and diverse group of riders, each with their own style and preferences. From the classic Harley-Davidson enthusiasts to those who prefer the sleek lines of a Triumph, cruiser riders are a vital part of the motorcycling community. Based on the video below, we’re shining the spotlight on the cruiser crowd. Let’s dive into the seven types of cruiser riders you’re likely to encounter on the open road.

1. The Budget-Conscious Cruiser Enthusiast

Our first type is the rider who wants the cruiser experience without the hefty price tag. They scour sites like Craigslist for vintage Harley Sportsters or perhaps an old-school shovelhead. These bikes are often simple to work on and offer the classic cruiser look for a fraction of the cost of a new model.

2. The Muscle Cruiser Aficionado

Next up is the muscle cruiser rider, who seeks performance in a straight line. They’re drawn to powerful bikes like the V-Rod, V-Max, or Rocket 3 and enjoy the thrill of street drag racing. These riders may seem laid back, but they’re ready to unleash the full force of their torque-heavy machines at a moment’s notice.

3. The High-Roller Harley Owner

Then there’s the $40,000 Harley bro, adorned in branded gear from head to toe, including the limited edition Harley-Davidson F150. This rider isn’t concerned with the opinions of others; they’ve invested in a top-of-the-line cruiser and enjoy every dollar spent.

4. The Metric Cruiser Proponent

The metric cruiser enthusiast values reliability and technology, often opting for Japanese models like the Honda Shadow, Yamaha Bolt, or Suzuki Boulevard. These bikes offer a cruiser experience with less maintenance and a more accessible price point, making them a smart choice for the practical rider.

5. The Accessory Collector

Closely related to the high-roller is the accessories bro. Their bike is a canvas for customization, adorned with leather, chrome, and all manner of add-ons. While the bike’s base price may be reasonable, the cost of accessories can quickly escalate, turning their ride into a unique, albeit expensive, creation.

6. The British Cruiser Connoisseur

British cruiser riders are a bit of an enigma, choosing to ride machines like the Triumph America or Rocket 3. They appreciate the alternative to American and metric cruisers, seeking something that stands out from the crowd.

7. The Wholesome Midwest Rider

Lastly, we have the down-to-earth Midwest cruiser dude. Riding a simple, lightly used Street Glide without flashy mods, this rider values safety and enjoys the ride without letting motorcycling define their entire existence. They’re just as comfortable on a solo ride as they are in a group, embodying the spirit of motorcycling camaraderie.

These are just a few of the cruiser rider types you might meet, each with their own story and connection to their bikes. Whether you’re a cruiser rider yourself or just curious about the community, it’s clear that there’s a style and approach for everyone. For a more in-depth look at these rider types and a dose of humor, check out the original YouTube video that inspired this listicle. And if you’re a cruiser rider, which type do you identify with?