Embarking on the journey of becoming a motorcyclist is an exhilarating experience. As a beginner, you’ll encounter various types of riders, some of whom you might identify with or recognize on the road. Based on insights from the knowledgeable and entertaining YouTuber video below, here are the seven types of beginner riders you’re likely to meet.

1. The Researched Rider

The Researched Rider has spent countless hours online, meticulously preparing for their foray into motorcycling. They’ve watched every crash video, read every gear review, and they know the specs of every starter bike on the market. This rider approaches the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) course with a smug sense of superiority, but don’t be fooled—they’re not immune to the occasional mishap.

2. The 600 Starter

This rider has ignored all advice to start small and has gone straight for a 600cc sportbike. They’re driven by pride and a fear of being seen as less than capable. Despite being a bit overwhelmed by the power of their machine, they’ll never admit it online, where they boast about riding a “real” bike.

3. The No Research Rider

Some people dive headfirst into new hobbies, and motorcycling is no exception. The No Research Rider walks into a dealership, picks a bike on a whim, and skips the gear. This rider is all about learning through experience, though whether that’s the safest approach is up for debate.

4. Dirt Bikes Since I Was Two Bro

Meet the rider who claims a lifetime of dirt biking experience. To them, transitioning to street riding is a piece of cake, and they can’t be bothered with your safety tips or starter bikes. They’re all about the thrills and often jump straight to a powerful bike.

5. Scooter Dude Noncommitted

The Scooter Dude is interested in riding but hasn’t fully committed to the motorcycle lifestyle. They might have taken the MSF course but stopped short of getting their motorcycle endorsement. Whether it’s due to a DUI or just a preference for simplicity, they’re content with their scooter life.

6. 650 Starter Bro

The 650 Starter Bro has done their homework and decided that a 650cc bike is the perfect balance of power and manageability. They’re convinced they’ll never outgrow their bike and are quick to dismiss anyone who starts on something smaller.

7. The Vlogger

Finally, there’s the Vlogger, who’s inspired by the moto vlogging community. They’ve got the gear, the bike, and the camera to document their rides. However, they quickly learn that vlogging success doesn’t come easy and that building an audience is harder than it looks.

These are the seven beginner riders you might meet on your motorcycling journey. Each has their own unique approach to riding, and while they may make different choices, they all share a common love for the road. Remember, no matter what type of rider you are, always prioritize safety and enjoy the ride.

If you’re curious to see the original content and get more of Yam Noob’s take on the world of beginner riders, be sure to check out his YouTube channel for the full experience and more motorcycle-related content.