Motorcycling culture is rich with diversity, and you’re bound to meet a variety of riders each with their unique style and preferences. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or new to the two-wheeled lifestyle, you’ll enjoy this playful look at the different personas you’ll encounter on the road. Inspired by a humorous take, let’s dive into the nine types of motorcyclists you’re likely to come across according to the video below:

1. Harley Sportster Guy

The Harley Sportster Guy is a modern rider who shuns the typical Harley rider stereotype. He opts for a bike with a classic look without all the chrome and lifestyle baggage. He’s the guy with tasteful mods, who values the American chopper aesthetic over high performance.

2. The Icon Variant Vlogger

Next up is the Icon Variant Vlogger, the motorcyclist who dons the popular Icon Variant helmet and dreams of moto vlogging stardom. Likely a gamer and a fan of big-time vloggers, this rider is on the hunt for viral fame, often seen on a supermoto or a Japanese 600.

3. Stretch 600 Bro

The Stretch 600 Bro is the rider who has taken a perfectly good 600cc motorcycle and stretched it into a drag racing machine. You’ll find him on the highway at night, racing sports cars, and then listing his “never dropped, fast bike” on Craigslist with less-than-stellar photos.

4. Girl Super Sport Rider

A rare gem in the motorcycling world, the Girl Super Sport Rider breaks all stereotypes. Often seen in yoga pants and featured on motorcycle Instagram pages, she’s a marketing dream for the motorcycle industry and a sight that can leave you pleasantly perplexed.

5. Unique Motorcycle Bro

The Unique Motorcycle Bro is always on something different. From foldable scooters to rare two-strokes, he’s ridden it all. His joy comes from riding the most obscure and hipster bikes out there, and he’s proud of it—even if they’re not worth much.

6. Scooter Bro

Scooter Bro is the rider who, after a series of unfortunate events, finds himself without a license but with an undying love for two wheels. He’s the urban hooligan on a 49cc scooter, making the most of what he’s got and still living the rider’s life.

7. FZ-09 Bro

The FZ-09 Bro is a specialized squid, a hooligan who’s chosen a bike that’s designed to pop wheelies. He’s all about the thrill and is closely related to the KTM Super Duke 1290 rider. These guys are brand loyal and wheelie happy.

8. The Rev Bomber

The Rev Bomber can’t resist the urge to make some noise. With an aftermarket exhaust and no catalytic converter, he’s ready to rev at tunnels, bridges, and stoplights. He’s probably riding a Japanese four-cylinder, and he loves to let it rip.

9. Mr. Liter Bike

Finally, there’s Mr. Liter Bike, the experienced rider who’s moved beyond the “small” 600cc bikes and rides the latest super bike decked out in full leathers. He’s got the money, the gear, and a bike that’s more advanced than most smartphones.

There you have it—the nine types of motorcyclists you’re bound to meet on your two-wheeled adventures. Remember, this is all in good fun (or bad fun, depending on how you look at it). These caricatures celebrate the variety and quirks of the motorcycle community.

If you’re curious to see the original video and enjoy more motorcycle culture content, don’t forget to check out the YouTube video at the beginning of this article.