-02 2015

Mike Black – I picked up a basketcase in August of 2014. I spent the Oregon winter in my unheated garage and built what you see here.

Engine had a holed piston, so the entire engine has been rebuilt. New pistons, rings, cam and rocker arms. Everything else was cleaned and reused or replaced with good used parts.

-03 2015 -05 2015

Welded a TC bros hardtail on it, did the wiring from scratch and installed a Pamco ignition w/ E-Advance AND Mikes XS PMA. The bike came with the Rich Phillips solo seat. I painted the tank with lil’ Daddy Roth’s Rattlebombs and cleared it with a 2K clear coat.

-01 2015 -04 2015

Took my first ride in March of 2015. Still dialing in the rebuilt carbs. I’m also looking for a single saddle bag and will install Pandamonium YoMama pipes at some point. It’s a fun little scoot though!

Thanks to everyone at XS650.com for the tech support and XS650chopper.com for the visual stimulus and ideas!!

xs650 mug
xs650 tanktop
xs650 long sleeve
xs650 Bandana