Garage builds

This here build took a lot more beers than I care to admit. Seems like work sessions often ended up as hang outs and then followed closely by hangovers. In the end it all seems worthwhile considering  all the good times! Been keeping pretty busy over here in Rancho Cambodia,…….. garage builds have been steady so can’t complain, since they at least pay for shop supplies and a few brews  “Poverty!”


…………………. Between the  8 to five, three kids and keeping  the wife happy, it leaves only so much time for wrenching, but you make time for the things that float your boat right. So lots of early morning  (before work) and late night (after work) sessions in the old two car man cave. Want to thank my bud Rob (neighbor and close family friend) for all his help in getting this and many other scooters done and on the road.


Like most other builds this was also an Owner/Builder collaboration, since the  owner “Davo” did he’s fair share in drinking all them beers!  And helping out where ever he could. Davo has been bit by the xs bug and is now the owner of three other xs650’s we will be working on soon.


So it’s not the last time you will be hearing his name or seeing he’s bikes. The look we were shooting for  was old school stealth, so we went with the Matt black and Gloss  paint scheme and added some silicone bronze Touches here and there . The tank was picked up by the owner  from a local guy,  Slim Fabrications  (cool shit coming out of this guys garage, check him out).


Wheels are stock (drilled) running  Avon speed master  front and Avon rear. Stock Carbs with stock TCI ignition. TC Bros hard tail. Battery and electrical was shoved in an aftermarket oil bag. If you guys feel like killing some time, check out my web site and blog to see some other builds coming out of the shop (aka two car overstuffed garage).


Like always, Keep building and posting those bad ass bikes guys, and Stay tuned for more bikes from MigBaron Kustoms your friendly neighborhood chop shop………………………….. hope you guys like them.….. And Yes I live in a PINK House so there!