JET36 has sent in six killer snapshots of his ’77 XS650 bobber that’s as raw as it is real. This bike isn’t just a ride; it’s a roar on two wheels, and it’s been tearing up the streets as JET36’s daily for the past year.

Dubbed the “SIMPLE & STUPID LOUD BOBBER,” this machine is a testament to the DIY spirit that thrives in our community. JET36’s build is a direct shoutout to the inspiration he’s drawn from the pics and posts right here on our site. And let me tell you, his ’77XS with a 6″ hard tail is a head-turner and ear-bender all in one.


With a frame that was rescued from the weeds and an engine that cost $50 which is less than a night out, JET36 proves that you don’t need deep pockets to build a beast; you just need to be resourceful. His shopping list? Craiglist, eBay, and junkyards—proving once again that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

Over the last year, he’s switched up the bars and slapped on a -2 springer front end, giving the bike a stance that’s all attitude. And for those looking to tackle a DNA springer, take note of JET36’s pro tip: skip the adapter, get a little crafty with the bearing spacer, and you’re golden.


But JET36 isn’t just about bobbers. He’s dipping his toes into the brat style with another ’77 build, taking cues from the Wizard SleeZe’s bad-to-the-bone aesthetic. With a 5″ stretch in the frame, he’s crafting something that’s sure to stand out from the pack.


His current brat project is poised on its wheels and kickstand, engine and Wassell tank fitted, bars on, just waiting for that splash of paint before it hits the streets. And you can bet we’re all on the edge of our seats waiting for those after-paint pics.


JET36’s message to the community is clear: keep building, keep riding, and stay thirsty, my friends. It’s a call to action for all of us to keep pushing the boundaries of our builds, to stay inspired, and to never stop creating.


So here’s to JET36 and his SIMPLE & STUPID LOUD BOBBER. It’s builds like these that keep the heart of the XS650 community thumping—a symphony of simplicity, sound, and pure, unadulterated passion.