Get ready to dive into a fresh batch of photos showcasing yet another drool-worthy build from our talented community. John’s been wrenching away and has finally rolled his blacked-out XS650 into the daylight for some well-deserved snaps. With four angles to admire, including two close-ups of the heart of the beast—the engine—this bike is all about the details.


First things first, let’s talk about that drop seat. It’s a game-changer, folks. By lowering the seat, John’s given his XS650 a more aggressive and custom profile that just screams cool. The stance is meaner, the lines are cleaner, and the whole vibe of the bike is transformed into something that’s both classic and contemporary.

The bike’s paint job is a lesson in understated elegance. Dressed in black, John’s XS650 doesn’t need flashy colors to make a statement. It’s the kind of ride that owns the road with confidence, relying on its silhouette and shine to do all the talking.


Now, let’s zoom in on those engine shots. These close-ups are for the gearheads, the tinkerers, and the detail-obsessed among us. John’s engine is a thing of beauty—a testament to the care and maintenance that goes into keeping these vintage machines not just running, but thriving.


“I finally got the bike out to take some pictures,” says John, and we can almost hear the pride in his voice. It’s the kind of pride that comes from hours of labor, from the triumphs and challenges that are part and parcel of any build or restoration.

John’s Drop Seat XS650 is more than just a motorcycle; it’s a reflection of his vision and dedication. It’s the kind of bike that doesn’t just turn heads—it starts conversations. It’s a reminder of why we all fell in love with the XS650 in the first place: its versatility, its reliability, and its endless potential for customization.

A big shout-out to John for sharing his hard work with us. Your XS650 is yet another shining example of the creativity and passion that fuels this community. So here’s to clear skies and open roads, and to all the adventures that John and his drop seat companion are sure to have.

Keep those pictures coming, John. Your XS650 family is always eager to see where the road takes you next.