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Danish XS650 Caferacer

Kenneth – The project actually started in 2008 with me buying an old Honda CB200 tank on ebay. I loved the shape of it and figured that it some day
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My project 75 xs650

Pickles – This is my 1975 xs650, a constant work in progress. Cafe seat, no reflector garbage, new bars and barend mirror, and new tires.  Gotta get a new charging
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My first Cafe Racer 76 xs650

Hi, I’m from Switzerland where the xs scene is pretty small. this page had a big influence on my thoughts in building this bike. I bought this xs of a
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xs 650 Cafe Racer

Bike sold for $4000 Yes your observation is true $4000 will buy a superior performing bike. However……………….this bike has soul. Something a CBR or Hyabusa will never possess.


Jared’s 1977 xs650

Jared Vasconcellos – this is a bike e sent in last year when i crashed it. the bike has been completely gone through and has been rewired and redone over
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XS Cafe Race – 14 KustoMotorcycles

Hi. . . Its Me Again  Edgar From 14kustomotorcycles,  And this time I bring to all of u my first Cafe Racer. . . The base is of course a
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