This bike is a true one-off custom cafe racer. It started life as an MZ Scorpion and has had very subtle modifications done to accept a Yamaha XS650 twin power plant. The entire bike was completely dismantled and every single part was inspected, and where needed replaced.

A series of videos are available to see the entire process The Bilstein 41mm front forks were rebuilt with new seals and fluid. Then it got media blasted at JB Blasters in Arlington before the luscious paint work was laid down. Certain custom pieces were fabricated for the bike including the seat and the side panels. The fuel to the twin Mikuni carbs is fed through dual brass shot-off valves. The bike handles the road very well and has that classic 650 twin rumble that gets your heart pumping.

It has a clear title and new tabs and is ready for the road and the twisty canyons and the fully adjustable Bilstein suspension soaks up any and all of the lumps and bumps the roads might throw at you. It has both kick and electric start and fires right up at the touch of the button or the kick of the lever. The bike is very nimble in traffic and carves through the canyons and mountain roads with confidence and style.

It received many new parts during the re-build including…but not limited to:

– New Ace Well digital speedometer/tachometer/information center.

– New Mikuni VM 34 round slide carbs with free flowing air filters.

– New fuel lines and filters.

– New Boyer/Branson electronic ignition system. – New XS Charge PMA charging system.

– New Anti-Gravity 8 cell Li-Ion battery. – New aluminum bodied handle bar control unit (left side)

– New XS650 throttle control unit (right side)

– New Shinko Advance series tires with a 17 X 160 at the rear and a 17 X 120 up front. – New Grimeca front master cylinder. – New Stainless Steel brake lines front and rear.

– New brake pads on the Grimeca brakes front and rear. – New custom Yamaha tuning fork tank badges installed on the tank. – New CNC machined aluminum clip-on bars. – New Niche Industries 520 drive chain.

– New 18 tooth counter sprocket and 36 tooth rear sprocket.

– New handle bar controls.

– New 7″ H4 headlight. – New Lucas style tail light. – New blade type fuse block. – New blinkers front and rear.

– New cables. – New grips. A series of videos showing the entire build process are available on our You Tube Channel to see the entire process and they can be viewed here:

This bike has a clear Washington title. I have the bike up for sale for $4,500.00 If you’re interested in checking the bike out please call us and set up a time to come by.

NOTE-All test rides must be accompanied by full asking price in cash as collateral or we can test the bike for you to show everything is in proper working order. Our number is: (360) 386-9374

Submitted by ST Customs