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bratstyle korajez

Write about your XS650.: Greetings from korajez custons in colima mexico, (more…)


Low budget Brat style Bobber “Alycat”

Here’s proof anyone with a desire to build a nice bike with a small wallet can obtain thier goal! I bought this ’81 xs650 for $300.00,and since then have invested
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78xs650in progress,, sporty tank, shortened exhaust 8″, chopped and shaved all extra tabs, ungrounded the brushes, battery box is hidden under the swingarm, (more…)


Brat bike all done and sold

Joel Mekolites Bratstyle Well I ended up doing all the bodywork and making her pretty. I sold it a couple weeks later. LOl I ended up buying another xs for
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Bratty little bob

Write about your XS650.: Shes an 81 650 special, scored it for 500 bucks, it had been outside for who knows how long uncovered and weathered. I had been lookin
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ヤマハ XS650 ハーレー