Bought the bike as a tired US spec Special that was a non runner. It was a solid low mileage bike but way too stock for me.
I stripped the bike down and got it running for a season and tried a few different bar and suspension setups.
In the end I went with wide international bars, modified stock tank, custom seat and lowered suspension.
Up front I used the stock 35mm tubes but shaved and cleaned them up – fitted Hughs lowering kit and an early twin shoe drum brake fitted with a wide alloy 18” rim.
At the back just cleaned the stock stuff up with bronze bushings a wide alloy 18” rim.
Rear shocks are 2015 Harley Sportster and the side panels are 70s XS panels with ignition key set into left side.
All the frame was deathbed, I welded in a cleaner rear loop, removed the rear pegs and anything that wasn’t useful.
I rebuilt the engine and box – changed the 5th gear and ported the head – nothing crazy – its fitted with stock cam, a pair of Mikuni 34s, and a hand made set of hi pipes with stainless baffles to keep things looking clean.
The motor was vapour blasted and side cases polished.
Bike rides good, the exhaust is quite civilised but has a nice bark when opened up.
All wiring replaced with a super simple capacitor and PMA setup.
I haven’t put many miles on the bike but its a nice comfy cruiser with the fat firestones – probably no good on the twisty stuff but I love the way the bike came out.
Helped by friends -paint by Darren Mills, polish by CMA (rip Paul) and exhaust by Neil Brown – I did everything else…slowly.
Submitted by Jake
              special brat xs650