masterpiece 294

Larry AKA blackwidow

Larry- Man I am so excited I finally finished my home remodeling and had time to work on the bike and things went rather smoothly. I was bummed thinking about redoing everything but as I tackled one piece at a time it just flowed. I went with alot of the same things on the bike. I rebuilt the front forkes and I had to polish the fork tubes as they were like blued up from the heat. I shaved the forks where the front brake bolts to and the front fender so I can no longer put that back on.

masterpiece 295

I went with more of a rounded mirror this time as I didn’t like them other pointy tear drop ones I had. I had to fix one peg on the fwd control and refab a rear liscense plate bracket as those two things slid across the highway along with the handle bars and actually helped save the rest of the bike. The tank is the same the rear fender is the same the electrical tube is the same everything had to be rebody worked and painted of corse.

masterpiece 283

I had to paint the motor because the black stuff on it did not come off.I was so excited I drove the bike in 25 degree weather and snow on the ground minus the streets they were mostly cleaned.

masterpiece 252


Here are some pics You can tell it’s redone because before I did not have the engine painted and a few other small things that are changed. I hope ya like it.