Larry AKA blackwidow Red n Black bobber update


Larry Emailed with Bad News

“How are you doing?? I have bad news I was transporting my bike and I had a blowout on the trailer which caused the bike to move abruptly which caused the tow straps to break and I drop the bike off the trailer on I-25 doing 75mph and it skid across the road and burst into flames. Man was I sad and depressed. I had bought another one and was gonna build that one but now I have to put it on hold because I refuse to let this one go so I’m gonna give it a rebirth and hopefully it’ll come out better than before. I have to wait like 3 months before I can start on it though I have the honey do list first haha. Here is a pic of the damage.”

Shit happens. It could be worse. You could’ve been on it.. Suck man.

 XS650 Bobber Oldskool Red n Black: Update


  1. xs650nut says:

    hey men that sucks, bike looked great before hand, but I’m not sure i wouldn’t fix the wiring put another headlight and front tire on it and run her that way intill you can work on it for real agian. really screw with people. best of luck

  2. Hans from Holland says:

    This really suXS, it hurts to see your bike in this shape Larry!
    Hope you fiXS the bike soon, good luck on the rebuild.

  3. Steve from Jersey says:

    That just sucks! This is why you shouldn’t trailer your bike… it’s safer to ride her.

  4. blackwidow says:

    I’ll fix it guys and my attitude is really good towards it. I can’t wait to start on it again…

  5. RUSTY RIDER says:

    So sad to hear about your bike dude. My jaw dropped when I was randomly scrolling down posts and saw the bike next to that familiar black Impala. Hope you have her back to black sooner rather than later. I finally got the blog up, with a lot of help from my wife.

    Check it out, leave some comment…. EVERYONE IS WELCOME !!

  6. blackwidow says:

    Thanks Rusty I’ll get her back on the road I’ll be building another after I fix this one and I’ll check your blog out.

  7. blackwidow says:

    well I just been stacking a few parts here and there so the rebuild will be alot easier if I have everything ready

  8. blackwidow says:

    I got a few parts ready and I turned the bike over tonight and it sounded great. I’m gonna try this week to put the new coil I bought on and run some wires and start this puppy should fire right up I cain’t wait.

  9. Teebs says:

    That’s great to hear, brother. Keep us posted. I feel like I’m waiting for the doctor to tell me my buddy is going to be OK, after an accident.

    We’re pulling for you, man! Oh yeah, we’re pulling for you too, bw… 😀

  10. blackwidow says:

    Does anybody know where to get a maxxic classic front tire 100/90/19??

  11. blackwidow says:

    looking for a wide white wall by the way on that last post

  12. Brad says:

    dennis kirk has them in stock!

  13. Teebs says:

    Still on the search for that elusive Maxxis WWW, eh brother? I’m going on a long road trip toward the end of August so I scrapped the white wall idea in favor of either Shinko Tour Masters or a set of Dunlop D404s. I’m going to check around locally first though, on the off chance that somebody has what i’m looking for.

    Good luck.

  14. blackwidow says:

    Yeah this is really making me depressed that I can’t find that tire. Heck white walls in general are getting hard to find and they complete the look I have so if I can’t get one I don’t know what I’m gonna do.

  15. blackwidow says:

    I called dennis kirk and they told me what every other company has told me they don’t have em and they are discontinued

  16. Rusty Nutz says:

    You’ll get it going agina, don’t worry.

  17. blackwidow says:

    well Rusty if I can just find the tire I need and a front wheel I’ll be going down hill

  18. blackwidow says:

    still no luck on a tire 🙁

  19. blackwidow says:

    I finally purchased a tire it is an maxxis 100/90/19 wide white wall and I also bought a front rim. The darn tire cost me twice what it did the first time but being that it’s discontinued and hard to find I can believe it. I’m working on parts here and there and I’m excited to start getting this bike back to better

  20. Ted says:

    blackwidow- How are things going on your-end? Have you gotten your bike stripped down and put a parts list together?

  21. Blackwidow says:

    I am already putting the bike back together it’s looking sweet I can send pics but I don’t want none posted on here until it’s done

  22. Blackwidow says:

    I’ll have the bike done roughly next week but for sure before the end of the month and I’ll resend pics so you can post them Ted

  23. Blackwidow says:

    The bike is now redone if you haven’t seen the rebirth look for it on the topics