Larry Emailed with Bad News

“How are you doing?? I have bad news I was transporting my bike and I had a blowout on the trailer which caused the bike to move abruptly which caused the tow straps to break and I drop the bike off the trailer on I-25 doing 75mph and it skid across the road and burst into flames. Man was I sad and depressed. I had bought another one and was gonna build that one but now I have to put it on hold because I refuse to let this one go so I’m gonna give it a rebirth and hopefully it’ll come out better than before. I have to wait like 3 months before I can start on it though I have the honey do list first haha. Here is a pic of the damage.”

Shit happens. It could be worse. You could’ve been on it.. Suck man.

 XS650 Bobber Oldskool Red n Black: Update

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