Write about your XS650.: Almost done with my “Fong Brothers Inspired” first attempt at building a motor-sickle. First pic you see is what I started with. Took that over to “Unknown-Choppers” in Garland, Texas and sketched up how I wanted the back half to look. Those guys did a good job on the back half and I have done the rest. I dont have enough confidence to ride on my welds at 70mph. Donor bike was a ’74. Tank is obviously a sporty. To solve the one pet-cock bung problem I used an old glass fuel sediment/filter bowl/fuel valve off a 1940’s Massey Fergouson tractor that has two brass fittings coming out of it and ran the lines to the two carbs. The valve also has reserve. Made the seat out of an old shelf and mounted an ammo can for the electronics.


Plans are to put a 360 drum front end on it ala Fong Bros style, and some old firestone and speedmaster tires. I am completely hung up on how to solve the kickstand though as I really dont want to spend $175 on a “hotch style” weld on. I cant even find just a weld on kickstand tab for less than 60 bones. Factory tab is gone, so any input or insight as to how you guys did your kickstands would be appreciated. Im also craving some picks on how you guys mounted your brake pedals.


Thanks ya’ll. -B