First Model, First Project. This is my 1970 XS1.  I imported it from the states to Canada after finding it on CR.  It had been customized many years ago with some new paint, seat, bars and springer forks(not actually use on this bike).  I figured it would be perfect for chopping up.  This is my first build; I always wanted one but finally jumped in a few moths ago.  


I stripped it down, who know it was so easy to take a bike apart.  I have a feeling that putting it back together is the trick?  I couldn’t decide on the hard-tail, the TC one seams to short and steep I might fall off if I let go of the bars and the G&L one looks good but the XS1 frame is a little different then the later years so I got Ken at Asylum Chopper Works to make and weld on a hard-tail and it is awesome.


I went with one similar to the G&L but with some enhancements. The springer forks where missing the springs so I decided to use die and compression springs, they were cheaper and still look pretty cool in the green. After rolling it around I come to the crushing realization that I will not be able to use the Springer fork as it to so narrow it gives me next to no turning radius because it hits the frame.

I am going to use a xs750 triple front end to get it running and then find a new Springer for it as I thing it is the right thing to do.  Still needs a bunch more work and I will update later.  Thanks XS650 CHOPPER.