Grease’s ‘76 XS Chopper

I bought this bike for $200 with a half cut frame and a seized motor. Over the past few years I’ve done just about everything you can do to a bike. 

It’s got a hardtailed frame, a modified worm gear which operates the foot clutch via a set of forward controls with some mounts I made on an iron worker machine. 

The jockey shifter is made from the stock shift lever. Paint job is rustoleum with a spraymax 2K clearcoat over it that stands up to gas spills like a champ. 

The motor is a second overbore and was rebuilt in my basement with new pistons, rings and a full gasket set. Next step is to make a new set of pipes out of stainless.

I run a podcast called the lowlife chopper podcast where you can hear more about this bike and the bikes of other builders from across the world.