77 Brat

1977 bratThe bike started as a fairly stock neglected 1977. The first winter the frame got cut and modified. A sportster tank and front fender were installed along with a front fender from an xseleven as the rear fender.


I rode it like that with the basically untouched motor for the first summer.

The second winter I acquired a second motor which I proceeded to rephase in my shed , with a little help from Mr Riggs on the cam.


Rephased with new 74 mm pistons and a banshee PMA and pamco ignition is how it sits now and how I rode it all season.

This coming winter the wheels will get cleaned  up along with cleaning up some of the wiring mess I made.


Submitted by Matthew Hogan


77-brat-hogan 77-brat-hogan-3 77-brat-hogan-4