sparkle-donkey-chopper-81978 xs650 with 706c.c. Bigbore and a Rephase.



Ex500 carbs and Joe Wiseguy exhaust.


The paint was done by Antonio (Iron INC) and man it sparkles and shines in the sun.


This little chopper is a blast to ride and I can stop anywhere without a group of people asking questions about it.


Submitted by Jimmy Brown


sparkle-donkey-chopper sparkle-donkey-chopper-10 sparkle-donkey-chopper-9 sparkle-donkey-chopper-7 sparkle-donkey-chopper-6 sparkle-donkey-chopper-5 sparkle-donkey-chopper-4 sparkle-donkey-chopper-3

xs650 tanktop
xs650 long sleeve
xs650 mug
xs650 Bandana