shawns-78-xs650-2   I bought it as a basket case for $100. It had 6″+ fork tubes so I slipped them through the trees and added clip on bars after rebuilding them with Minton Mods, All Balls seals and 4WD shock boots.



I stripped, polished and rebuilt the stock brake calipers. Bought some used Honda Rebel 250 shocks off a wreck.


Cut off rear seat loop and bobbed the fender with new mounting brackets I made. Made a skateboard seat and mounted it, the liscense plate and electronic reg/rect with pieces of heavy duty gate hinges.


I relocated the stock foot pegs for more leg room and mounted a flat bottom Sportster tank that I rattle canned with a piece of lace from second hand store. Made a battery box from scraps I found and mounted the ignition switch and Boyer ignition module between the neck gussets.


Covered stock tail light hole in fender with a tin patch I made and added a mini bullet tail light to compliment the mini Bates headlight up front. Installed new seals, gaskets and sump strainer in the bottom end. I honed the cylinders and lapped the valves and added new rings, cam chain, guide, tensioner,  gaskets and seals to the top end.


I cut up the stock head pipes to remove the skinny inner pipe and welded them back together with 1 3/4″ tail pipes. Rejetted the stock BS38 Mikunis and threw on some UNI filters.


It took me quite a while to do but now I have something I love riding and can always work on because I built it myself.


Submitted by Shawn Paulson


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