Describe Your XS650:
I built this bike in the living room of my old apt (much to the dismay of my landlord) a few years back. It’s been my daily, and only transportation since. Been thru a number of changes over the years, including getting kicked over (upside down!!) by my ex girlfriend, but it’s still running strong. Just picked up a second XS in trade that I’m gonna build a brat bike out of for the Ms. (she doesn’t want a rigid), stay tuned.022img_1618

3″ stretch in the rear
38 degree rake
2.5″ ground clearance (no need for a kickstand)
cheap-o DNA 2″ under springer (bars welded to upper clamp)
21″ front wheel
16″ rear wheel with a 180
offset front sprocket
“spaced\” (haha, a couple washers) left engine cover
2.5\” drop seat
1.75\” exhaust, no baffles
34mm mikuni roundslides
50/50 paint (no more than 50 bucks, looks great from 50 feet 🙂 )
no front brake, stock H*rley softail rear brake
widened KZ440 front fender turned rear fender and a bunch of random crap that was laying around


It’s getting about time for a makeover, once the Brat is done, this one will be getting torn back down to the frame and “freshened up” with a monster motor and a few other tricks.

I do have to give credit where it’s due. I didn’t build this particular frame, Troy from TCU built it for me to my specs, in a REDICULOUS time frame (was trying to make it to the smokeout).

Thanks Steve