76-xs650-hector76 xs650. I’ve been building this bike  very off & on for about 3 years.



Skimming the the Web, ordering parts drooling on xs650chopper.com in hope to one day ride this damn bike.


And finally she’s rideable still needs work but she’s getting registered this week..


I had to rebuild the top end, made a few brackets, complete re-wire, pamco ignition, frankenstiened banshee pma with some of Hugh’s Hand-built parts, micro switches and lots of thanks to guys like Hugh’s Hand-built, and Dave the Tigman of Rockland for good parts and reliable worksmanship and all the guys making DIY vids and of coarse the forums.


Its been fun.


And deff wont be the last one..


Now off to order a rear fender.


Submitted by Hector from Mass


76-xs650-hector-4 76-xs650-hector-3 76-xs650-hector-2

xs650 long sleeve
xs650 tanktop
xs650 Bandana
xs650 mug