xs650 no kickMy dad and a friend built this bike in Seattle, WA in 2012.


They spent about 18 months on and off working on it.


It’s mine now, as of May. I believe the engine is rebuilt, and an ’81.


Rides like a dream, leans and corners great, and always starts on the 1st or second kick.


Kick?! yep.


No electric start, or turn signals.


Headlight and brake light are magneto-driven.


Gas tank is under the seat, with a clear piece of vertical rubber tubing used as a sight gauge.


The resulting feel of having the engine right up between your legs is pretty wild.


Bike has about 300 miles on it now, and is a blast to ride.


Sits SUPER low, and is “teenage-sized” for a chopper.


Super fun.


Submitted by Arend


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xs650-no-kick-1 xs650-no-kick-13 xs650-no-kick-12 xs650-no-kick-11 xs650-no-kick-10 xs650-no-kick-9 xs650-no-kick-8 xs650-no-kick-7 xs650-no-kick-6 xs650-no-kick-5 xs650 engine xs650 large width tire

xs650 Bandana
xs650 tanktop
xs650 long sleeve
xs650 mug